We believe in providing therapy services with love and compassion. We know that a relationship built on trust and mutual respect is essential to a positive and powerful therapy experience.

We believe in treating the whole child and encourage collaboration with your child’s medical and educational teams as well as clinicians from other disciplines.

We believe that each child is gifted with their own strengths and abilities. We celebrate those strengths while helping them overcome their challenges.

Our Team

We care about providing quality service. To ensure we maintain a high standard, our team is continuously completing certifications and trainings.

Our team has specialized training and certifications to provide a wide variety of interventions including but not limited to: Oral Placement Therapies, PROMPT, DTTC, Beckman Oral Motor programs, OroFacial Myology, Sensory and Motor Based Feeding therapies (e.g., SOS, Get Permission), Lactation Education, VideoFluoroscopic Swallow Studies, FEES, Passey-Muir Valve speech production, VitalStim, Hanen “More Than Words,” cleft palate feeding and speech, VPI and resonance disorders, Lidcombe stuttering therapy, LSVT-LOUD, ACC, Learning Without Tears, The Listening Program Sound Therapy, reflex integration, attention and focus training, reading, writing and spelling remediation, executive functioning development, auditory processing therapies, PACE (cognitive processing training), and AMPS (cognitive processing training).

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