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Our Difference

How’s Bright Minds different from tutoring? Our clinically-trained therapeutic learning coaches and cognitive-based programs go deeper than traditional tutoring to enhance academic performance.

  • Advanced: Our Difference

    We are more than just tutors. Tutors only focus on academic performance. As shown in the Learning Continuum Ladder, tutoring only works if you child has a strong learning foundation to start with.

    We seek to solve the underlying problems causing the learning difficulty in the first place whereas tutoring only helps to explain concepts/subjects, or provide practice with difficult subjects. Tutors don’t have the tools to get after the underlying cognitive processes that support learning so the problems will continue, but we lay the foundation on which all academic endeavors are built.

  • Foundational: Our Expertise

    Our clinically-trained therapeutic learning coaches can pinpoint deep underlying causes vs identifying superficial learning patterns. We approach deeper levels of learning that tutors don’t have the training for.

    For example, does your child get to the end of the page and not remember what he/she read? A tutor’s memory tricks won’t work in this case. It could be a sign that the brain is working too hard to visually recognize the words or phonetically decode them to where the child has no cognitive reserves left to actually process what he/she has read.

Meet Your Bright Minds’ Learning
Therapy Coaches

At the end of the day, people make the difference. Therapies and programs are only effective if the student feels comfortable and develops trust. We take pride in picking therapists who perfectly balance professionalism with treating you like family.

Meet Grace

Grace appreciates how the skills students learn can be used in multiple facets of their lives beyond academics.

Meet Sarah

Sarah shares her favorite memory of a student’s reading progress.

Meet Vanesa

Vanesa strives to make students feel comfortable expressing their feelings and concerns through the learning process.

Write Brain

WriteBrain, developed by Jeanette Farmer, improves the flow and pattern of handwriting and improves attention and focus by pairing therapeutic music with the drawing of shapes and patterns.

Balance Beam

By focusing her eyes on a target while engaged in a balance activity she is learning to attend to one task while doing another. She started out only being able to maintain eye gaze on the target for 5 seconds before looking away, now she can do it for 2 whole minutes! Focusing on this visual target for two minutes is the same as doing a row of math problems without looking up.

Symbol Mastery

We use a multimodality process using clay to make words and symbols that will make a lasting impact on a student’s reading, spelling, writing and learning. It is a great (and fun) way to combat disorientation, letter, and number reversals


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