Hi! My name is Marni. I moved to Los Angeles after growing up in Florida, working in New
York City for 8 years as an academic book editor, then living outside of Chicago where I had
the privilege of attending Northwestern University for my masters in Speech, Language, &
Learning. I have no plans to ever return to the cold!
As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I am especially interested in Early Intervention, as well as
communication disorders secondary to autism spectrum disorder and Childhood Apraxia of
Speech (CAS). Additionally, I enjoy treating language disorders, stuttering, speech sound
disorders, and voice disorders in both adults and children. As the Director of Special
Programs, I get to organize and help run services like Social Skills groups for enhancing social
communication, Parent Education Courses for early childhood intervention, and our Learning
Academy for building cognitive learning skills for success in school and life.
I am certified in Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk program, an evidenced-based program for early
intervention caregiver coaching, and have received training in DTTC, a motor-based
approach for children with CAS, as well as training in various augmentative and alternative
communication (AAC) systems. I also have the pleasure of being a Clinical Supervisor for SLP
Assistants and empowering them to succeed in the field. I am passionate about providing
support to children and guidance to their caregivers to promote meaningful and functional
communication skills.
In my free time I enjoy yoga, reading, being outside, and slowly learning how to surf.