Hi! My name is Marni Rolfes, and I moved to Los Angeles recently after living on the east coast my whole life. I was born in Florida and attended Florida State University for undergrad, then moved to New York City 10 days after graduating to pursue a career in publishing as an editor. I worked in academic publishing, developing literature that focused on topics including communication disorders, and after 8 years of growing interest I decided to go back to school to learn more about the field of speech, language, and learning. I received my masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Northwestern University, outside of Chicago, and I have no plans to ever return to the cold! Prior to joining the team at BBPS, I worked as an SLP at a multidisciplinary pediatric clinic where I provided treatment for children with various speech and language disorders. I am especially interested in communication disorders secondary to autism as well as childhood apraxia of speech. Additionally, in my experience with adults, I have received training in the Modified Barium Swallowing-Impairment protocol used to determine swallowing function, as well as certification in the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment designed for patients with Parkinsons. I enjoy yoga, reading, being outside, and snuggling with our new kitty.