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Social Skills Groups

Bright Buddies Social Skills Groups

Research has shown that strong social communication is essential for establishing and maintaining deep, positive, and healthy relationships with peers. Bright Buddies Social Skills Group offers a safe space to practice social language and build friendships! Bright Buddies will develop the skills to:

  • Show empathy toward others
  • Deal with conflict
  • Make and maintain friendships
  • Problem solve
  • Engage in conversation
  • Understand emotions
  • Play with a buddy

Program Details

Bright Buddies offers groups for very young, school age, and older children. Groups will meet once to twice weekly to support the development of skills and friendships! Groups are led by Speech-Language Therapists with expertise in speech, language, and social language development. Your child will learn about:

  • Turn-taking and sharing
  • Appropriate ways to seek attention from others
  • Greetings and Social Bids
  • Paying attention to a friend who is talking
  • Maintaining self-control and restraining impulses
  • Asking for help and helping others
  • Being flexible when playing with friends

Play is how kids learn best, so we will accomplish all of this through COOPERATIVE PLAY! Each week will bring a new theme to keep Buddies motivated and engaged, including cooking, arts and crafts, activities in our movement space, and more!

Spaces are extremely limited!

New groups forming now! Please call the office, email us, or fill out the form below to share your interest.
323-525-0247 |


Regular Price:

$50 per class and $375 for the 8-class bundle




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