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Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups

Did your child miss out on social experiences over the past two years in isolation? Research has shown that strong social communication is essential for establishing and maintaining deep, positive, and healthy relationships with peers. Bright Beginnings Social Skills Group will guide children in developing the following abilities:

  1. Empathy toward others
  2. Dealing with conflict
  3. Making and maintaining friendships
  4. Problem solving 
  5. Engaging in conversations
  6. Understanding emotions

Program Details
Children ages 2;8 – 4;0 will be able to strengthen their social communication skills within
a small group led by two licensed Speech-Language Pathologists, including:

  1. Participation in turn-taking/sharing with a peer
  2. Appropriately seeking attention from others
  3. Greetings peers and adults consistently
  4. Attending to a person who is talking
  5. Maintaining self-control and restraining impulses
  6. Asking for help, responding to others when they ask for help
  7. Participating in various types of play with peers

Our classes will focus on various themes over the 6 weeks to keep the kids motivated and engaged, including cooking, arts and crafts, activities in our movement space, and more.

Spaces are extremely limited!

Sessions are every Thursday at 11am
May 19th – June 23rd

Regular Price:


Discounted price for current BBPS families: $450



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