Hello! My name is Michelle, and I grew up in sunny California for most of my life. I lived
in San Diego where I attended UC San Diego for undergrad and soon after moved to
Chicago (brr, truly a Windy City!) to pursue my master’s degree in Speech-Language
Pathology at Northwestern University. I was fortunate with opportunities to learn and
refine my clinical skills at a Developmental Diagnostic Program for autism working
alongside fabulous mentors, as well as in outpatient medical settings, public schools,
and private clinics. Some of my passion areas include AAC, autism, early language
development, parent coaching, and phonology. Working as a speech-language
pathologist brings me so much happiness as I get to functionally help children meet
their unique communication needs while creating meaningful relationships with their
support system. I absolutely love working with children as they energize me and keep
me young and curious! This profession challenges, intrigues, and pushes me every day
to further my knowledge so that our precious children receive the best evidence-based
care from people that care. Learning truly never stops! Outside of BBPS, I love
sunbathing, hiking, surfing, catching sunsets, and cooking.