Hello! My name is Danny, and I was born and raised in Orange County. I am new
to the LA area and excited to work with the diverse population that makes up this
beautiful city. I attended Cal Poly Pomona for my undergrad and earned my
bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing
Management. I soon realized after graduating that I wanted a career I was
passionate about where I could help others. I began volunteering at a non-profit
that provided speech-language services to children. Here is where I found it
meaningful to observe individuals (the magical unicorns a.k.a. speech-language
pathologists) giving children the tools and strategies they needed to

I quickly decided to return to school and pursue my career in this field. I attended
Cal State Fullerton and completed their post-bacc program. I then made my way
down the coast to San Diego to earn my Master of Science degree in Speech-
Language Pathology at Cal State San Marcos. As I was pursuing this new
career, I worked part time on the administrative side (working with insurance,
billing, and scheduling) of two different private practices gaining 4 years of
experience working in this setting.

I gained experience working at various schools (elementary and high school) and
providing 1:1 and group setting services via teletherapy through my graduate
program. I was able to work with adults who had suffered strokes and children
struggling with speech sound disorders, stuttering, receptive/expressive
language disorders, and social skills. I am passionate about giving individuals of
all ages the help they need to communicate their thoughts, needs, questions and
anything else they wish to say. I strive to continue growing, learning, and
adapting to best fit the needs of my clients.

In my free time, I love to hang out with my cat and take care of my indoor plants.
I also love cycling on my Peloton, meditating, and spending time with my loved
ones. I am grateful for the opportunity to join such a great team here at BBPS to
provide personable and specialized services to you and your family.